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Vacuum forming products for all your thermoforming innovations.

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Accessories for vacuum pressing formable plastics, leather.

"I wanna start by saying how impressed I was at the professionalism and great customer service Victor and his group provided. Now...Onto the HD 200 Press. After I received the HD 200 Vacuum Press I had more questions for victor. Not only did he call me back promptly on the WEEKEND but he answered every question I had. As far as purchasing form them again.. They are soon to have a complete vacuum system available for sale on the site...I'm sure Ill buy one...or two..."
Chet H., Baldwin LA

"I have talked to Victor and he is an amazing person to do business with and the products he manufactures are top notch very high quality I haven't seen anything on the market that even comes close to their products. Keep up the great job Victor thank you for your product line and most of all thank you for all the valuable time you gave over the phone."
Victor L., DeSoto MO

"I just got an HD 200 last week. I just did my first Taurus 738 in taco style and I am soooo excited with the result. The detail is awesome and not having to turn the clamps on the old style press is a relief to my arms. The breather pad is very important as I found out. I am so thrilled with this purchase. I'm looking forward to figuring out how to do the technique without foam and the mag technique. Thank you for the tips in your videos!!!"
John L., Merced CA

"Prior to purchasing my HD Press 200 and automated vacuum controller, I called with questions and was greeted by Victor who was very helpful in answering my questions. After receiving the equipment, setup was quick and easy and it works flawlessly. Great products and customer support."
Blue Ridge Holsters, Cumming GA

HD Industrial Design leading the table top vacuum press industry. Our vacuum presses offer unlimited applications for Gun Holster Makers, Knife Sheath Formers, Hobbyists, Costume Makers, Orthotics, small prototyping and much more. Our goal at HD Industrial Design is to bring you the highest quality American made solutions at an affordable price. Top notch customer support, great prices, FAST shipping, BUY today!