Curved Jig Holster Making Vacuum Press

HD Curved Jig New Design - First Look

by HD Industrial Design July 26, 2016

The HD Curved Jig has been recently redesigned with air channels throughout the base which provide venting for optimal pressing conditions. The latest version of the HD Curved Jig is designed with rounded edges to prolong membrane lifespan.

The HD Curved Jig offers a low profile for an easy fit in most presses. The jig has been designed to provide the most comfortable fit for holster wearers. It measures 1.5" tall x 6" wide x 10" long.

The HD Curved Jig provides an ideal curved radius for the most comfortable fitting holster on your hip. This jig corrects the problem of too much of the gun on the inside of the curve using a 90/10 split. This increases comfort for the wearer.

The 90/10 split is accomplished by using a piece of 3/4 inch foam on top of a highly durable ABS jig. The foam allows the gun to sink to the perfect depth to produce the correct split. Using velcro the foam can be easily replaced when it begins to wear.


High quality foam
Easy change foam
90/10 split
Low profile
Grip support block
Curved radius
Designed for the HD 200, HD 300, HD 2424, HD 3624 Vacuum Presses

Most vacuum presses
HD 200 Vacuum Press
HD 300 Vacuum Press
*Not compatible with the HD 100 Vacuum Press

HD Curved Jig

HD Industrial Design
HD Industrial Design


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