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Vacuum forming machine assembly instructions

Assembly Instructions for Gen II HD Vacuum Former

by Jennifer Oden August 14, 2017

The HD Vacuum Former Press has a plug and play design. Each Thermoforming Machine comes with all the parts needed to plumb directly to a vacuum pump or Automated Vacuum Control System. All you need is a vacuum pump and a wrench to get set up. Outlined below are the few steps required to hook up your HD Vacuum Press to a pump or vacuum controller.

Setting up your HD Press:

1. Upon Arrival: Check Vacuum Former for shipping damage. In case of shipping damage, contact us ASAP.

2. Prepare and install heatsink. Drill holes as needed (recommend 1/16" or smaller). Place heatsink in vacuum press grid between the spacing nubs.

HD Vacuum Forming Press - Spacing Nubs for Heatsink

3. Ensure Heavy Duty Silicone Membrane is clean. Attach membrane with Neodymium magnets. Open press and insert magnets in magnet wells on front row and corners of press. Align membrane with press edges. Gently close lid and reopen. Membrane should drape in place. Attach additional magnets to secure.

4. Convert fitting on vacuum pump to easy connect fitting included. Remove the inlet fitting on your vacuum pump. Install easy connect 1/2” or 3/8” depending on pump. Insert easy connect tubing to converted vacuum pump fitting (press hose firmly into fittings until well seated). Attach other end of tubing to fitting on back of press next to hinge.

Thermoforming Machine - HD Press Pump Conversion

5. To ensure gauge accuracy, vent before use. Rotate press upright until black rubber plug on gauge is completely level (prevent leaks). Gently pinch plug. Wait 15 seconds, and release. Gauge should read “0”. Wipe excess oil. DO NOT ROTATE GAUGE FITTING.

Vacuum Forming Machine - Gauge Venting Instructions

Operating your HD Press:

ON - Turn on vacuum pump. Rotate valve on right side of press to open position.

Vacuum Press Machine - Operating Instructions On

OFF - Rotate valve to closed position. Press vent button on right side of press to release pressure and open lid.

Vacuum Press Machine - Operating Instructions Off

Jennifer Oden
Jennifer Oden


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