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DIY How to split a blue gun

How to Split a Blue Gun - DIY Guide

by HD Industrial Design April 07, 2014

Blue Gun Splitting

Splitting Non-Weighted Blue Guns
Make sure you are using a non-weighted blue gun. Weighted blue guns contain metal and would be hazardous to split.

Step 1 - Remove Sights

Using a razor, belt sander, or a disc sander shave off the front and rear sights.

Step 2 - Remove Grip

Using a bandsaw cut the grip below the first finger area. We are using 1/8 inch 14 TPI Bandsaw Blades

Step 3 - Round Sharp Edges

Round sharp edges can tear the membrane during pressing. 

Step 4 - Mount to Board 

Using blue tape mount blue gun to sized board.

Step 5 - Split Blue Gun

Using a bandsaw split the blue gun down the middle. 

Step 6 - Rebuild Thickness

Using blue tape rebuild the thickness of each blue gun with tape equally on both sides.

Now you are ready to configure your heat sink and blue gun to your pressing needs.

HD Industrial Design
HD Industrial Design


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