Gen I Automated Vacuum Controller HD Press

The HD AVCS DIY Build Configuration

by HD Industrial Design March 23, 2020

The HD Automated Vacuum Control System is a plug & play setup. It comes preassembled. All you need to do is hook it up to your vacuum pump, connect it to your press, and go!

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plastic vacuum forming machine for sale

Extreme Makeover Gen II Thermoformer Edition

by Jennifer Oden August 15, 2017

We engineered the best Table Top Vacuum Press possible! The HD Vacuum Former Press gets a makeover. Enhanced Features - High Performance - Ultra Durable Design

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HD Vacuum Press Thermoformer Stress Test

Vacuum Forming Machine - Thermoforming Stress Test

by Jennifer Oden August 14, 2017

The HD Vacuum Former is the best table top vacuum former in price, performance, and availability. It is also the most durable vacuum form machine anywhere! Truck vs Press!

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Vacuum forming machine assembly instructions

Assembly Instructions for Gen II HD Vacuum Former

by Jennifer Oden August 14, 2017

Each HD Vacuum Former Press comes with all the parts needed to plumb directly to a vacuum pump or Automated Vacuum Control System

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HD Automated Vacuum Control System - Regulate Vacuum Pump for HD Press

HD Automated Vacuum Control System New Design

by HD Industrial Design February 21, 2017

The HD Automated Vacuum Control System has been recently redesigned for ease of use, smaller footprint, improved functionality, and a streamlined look.

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Curved Jig Holster Making Vacuum Press

HD Curved Jig New Design - First Look

by HD Industrial Design July 26, 2016

The HD Curved Jig has been recently redesigned with air channels throughout the base which provide venting for optimal pressing conditions.

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Easy Connect Plug and Play Vacuum Press Kit

Easy Connect - AVCS Plug & Play Product

by HD Industrial Design September 19, 2014

Plumbing your press should be easy! We have come up with a great solution to get all the plumbing parts you need to go directly to a press or vacuum control system. No stress!

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Automated Vacuum Forming - Best of the Best

The HD Automated Vacuum Control System

by HD Industrial Design August 12, 2014

The HD Automated Vacuum Control System is designed to work with the HD Vacuum Press series. This controller monitors & maintains vacuum on any vacuum press.

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Vacuum Forming Press Size Comparison

HD Vacuum Press Series: Size Comparison

by HD Industrial Design July 29, 2014

Compare the different sizes and applications for the HD Vacuum Press Series 100, 200 and 300. What is the best size for you? Which should you choose?

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Gen I HD Press Assembly Instructions

HD Press - Assembly Instructions

by HD Industrial Design April 04, 2014

How to assemble your HD Vacuum Former Press - video assembly instructions, parts list. Fast, easy instructions to get vacuum forming today.

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Heatsink board customization - vacuum forming tips

The HD Press Heat Sink - Unlimited Customization

by HD Industrial Design April 03, 2014

Video introduction to the fully customizable Heat-Sink for our Thermoforming Machines. Using the customizable heat-sink you can do just about anything!

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HD Kydex Holster Vacuum Forming Press

HD Vacuum Forming Press - Thermoforming Innovations

by HD Industrial Design April 02, 2014

Introducing the HD Industrial Design Vacuum Forming Machine, a totally new take on membrane vacuum forming technology. Designed for daily frequent use. It is the only press of its kind.

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