Gen I Automated Vacuum Controller HD Press

The HD AVCS DIY Build Configuration

by HD Industrial Design March 23, 2020

This product is no longer made, but you can make your own DIY version of this item. While it has been several years since we stopped producing it and we don't have the exact directions for it anymore, you should be able to piece it together with some of the details below.

Plumbing blueprints:

Components needed (Most items can be found at lowes/home depot or mcmaster carr):

1/2 Schedule 40 PVC pipe, elbows and tees listed below (you will have to determine how many of each depending on what you want it to do)

Vacuum Switch - Square D 9016GVG1J10 Vacuum Switch
Where to get - zoro

Inline Filter - FLTP-1/2F Filter, 1/2"NPT Female (Black Nylon) 
Where to get - Anver Corp

Check Valve - 1/2-in PVC Sch 40 Socket In-Line Check Valve  
Where to get - Lowes/amazon

4880K21 PVC Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe Size, 90 Degree Elbow

4880K771 PVC Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe Size, 90 Degree Elbow, Socket Female x Pipe End Male

4880K81 PVC Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe Size, Female Adapter, Socket Female x NPT Female

4880K41 PVC Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe Size, Tee

4880K651 PVC Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe Size, Male Adapter, Pipe End x NPT Male

4880K61 PVC Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe, Male Adapter, NPT Male x Socket Female

4880K621 PVC Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe Size, 90 Degree Elbow, NPT Male x Socket Female

4880K821 Pvc Pipe Fitting, 1/2 Pipe End Male X 1/8 Npt Female, Hex Bushing

4882K13 Thick-Wall Dark Gray PVC Threaded Pipe Nipple, 1/2 Pipe Size x 1- 1/8" Length, Fully Threaded, Schedule 80

3192t51 Plastic Clamp for 13/16" Outside Diameter, 1/2" Pipe Size

Click here to download a parts list with images (apologies if some links don't work, this list is several years old and things may have changed)

Check out the video below for a quick, but detailed, overview of setup and maintenance on the HD AVCS (Automated Vacuum Control System):

HD Industrial Design
HD Industrial Design


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