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by HD Industrial Design April 02, 2014

Kydex Thermoformed Plastics Membrane Vacuum Press
Introducing the HD Industrial Design HD Press, a totally new take on membrane vacuum forming technology. The HD Press is made out of high quality cast acrylic, designed for daily frequent use. It is the only press of its kind. 

HD 200 Vacuum Former Press KydexHD 200 Thermoform Vacuum Holster Press

We use a high heat membrane material secured to the top of the press by super strong neodymium magnets that make this the easiest to replace membrane on the market. With the use of a wooden heat-sink over the vacuum grid the press can stand up to repeated, back to back, all day thermo-forming.


HD 200 Vacuum Former Press KydexHD 200 Holster Sheath Maker Press

The membrane seals on the raised edge around the vacuum chamber with the magnet lock system. The press includes a vacuum gauge and a 1/2 inch brass ball valve. It is designed to have as little air volume as possible to apply a quick vacuum to a still hot work piece. All you have to do is hook up your vacuum pump and get started. With these built in features and its ease of use, the HD Press sets a new industry standard.

HD 200 Knife Sheath Vacuum PressHD 200 Orthotics Shoe Insert Forming Press

The HD Vacuum Forming Machine was built with the intended application of making custom holsters using thermoformed plastics (such as Kydex and Boltoron). It has unlimited applications including Hobbyists, Orthotics, small prototyping and much more. Our goal at HD Industrial Design is to bring you the highest quality American made solutions at an affordable price.

We back this product with a 90 day warranty on material and workmanship. This does not include consumables like membranes and heat-sinks.

The vacuum forming press features include:
  • 14" x 18" work area
  • Gasket free design
  • Self sealing fast change membrane design
  • Small amount of air volume to be pulled
  • Customizable heat-sink board
  • Plug and play fittings, simply unpack and hook up to your vacuum system
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Vacuum 30 InHG
  • Two way brass ball valve
  • High quality membrane material
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty*
  • Open top footprint of 26"w x 22"l x 22.5"h
  • Weight: 20lbs
*Warranty does not apply in cases of improper use and membrane or heat-sink damage as these are consumable parts. 

HD Industrial Design
HD Industrial Design


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