How to DIY Holster Taco Press - Vacuum Forming

How to Make a Kydex Holster - Making a Taco Holster

by HD Industrial Design April 07, 2014

With a little creativity you can do just about anything with this vacuum press including a traditional taco press for making a taco holster. For this application we are demonstrating the taco press for making a kydex holster using foam. 

Already we have cut down the production time by nearly 20 minutes for one press using the HD Vacuum Press design. We will show you how to make a kydex holster next time without foam, faster, and more cost effectively.

Why wait to get your HD Vacuum Former Press? You could be saving time and money right now. Forget long backlogs! You will be producing enough to meet demand and make your customers happy! 

*We haven't done a follow up video for the foamless taco yet. You can make foamless taco presses by using butterfly/split molds and reheating the sight channel with a heating element like a impulse sealer, heat gun, or something along those lines. Take a look at this to get a better idea -

HD Industrial Design
HD Industrial Design


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