Heat Press FAQs

Q: What heat press do you recommend?

A: We recommend using the MPress 16 x 20 or the Power Heat Press 15 x 15

Q: What heat press temperature setting do you use?

A: Heat Range: 300°F to 365°F depending on what you are pressing. Goal: Realistic limit for 0.80 Kydex is 360°F

Q: How long do you leave material in the heat press? 

A: Heat Press Time: Approximately 90 seconds. The length of time you hold it in the heat press will depend on your heat press, temperature and Kydex thickness. You can buy Kydex here - http://www.knifekits.com/vcom/index.php?cPath=41_54 or - http://www.ifithermoplastics.com/

Q: What paper are you using on your heat press?

A: Non-Stick Paper: 5 Mil Teflon PTFE Sheet 16 x 20". Please note that if your heat press is set to shut too tight on your thermoplastic material the teflon will leave a pattern. You will have to adjust according to the thickness of your materials.