Heat Sink FAQs

Q:  Will I have to drill holes into the heat sink for air to escape? Or can it be molded with no holes.

A: The heatsink needs holes to properly evacuate air from the press. The heatsink is supplied blank without holes to allow for custom applications. You will need to drill holes in your heat sink before use. The number and location will depend on what you are planning to press. We recommend holes 1/16" or smaller. Heat sink holes can be placed randomly over the board. You can do a grid pattern with what ever spacing you want or just place them around your molding area or jig.

Quick Tip: You can actually make a heatsink for each item you mold regularly with the mold permanently attached and the holes drilled.  This will speed up production.

For every model of the HD Vaccum Former there is a specific heatsink board - HD 2424 Vacuum Press customizable heat-sink board