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Customizable Heat-Sink Board - HD 3624 Press


Pack Size:

Heat Sink Board for use with HD-VACP-3624 vacuum press.  Customizable to your vacuum forming needs. The heat sink board comes blank with a water resistant coating on one side. You will need to drill holes in your heat sink to vacuum form your item. The number and location of the holes will depend on what you are planning to vacuum form.  Some users create a heat sink board for each item or multiple items they wish to mold at the same time and permanently attach their mold form to the board.

Steps to customize:

  1. Use a 1/16" or smaller drill bit 
  2. Place the item or items you wish to vacuum mold on the heat sink board to determine placement of holes.
  3. Drill holes in the heat sink board - holes can be drilled randomly over the entire board, in a grid pattern,  or just around the item you are vacuum forming.
  4. That's it! Begin vacuum pressing.


  • Customizable to your use
  • Water resistant coating on one side
  • Flat stable platform for vacuum forming
  • Compatible with the HD-VACP-3624 vacuum former
  • Size - 31.125" x 19.125"
  • Color - White


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