Easy Connect 3 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump


Are you looking for the easiest way to connect your HD 2424 vacuum press to a pump? Are you tired of searching for the correct fittings? Do you need a vacuum pump that is ready to go right out of the box?

We’ve converted this 3 CFM single stage rotary vane vacuum pump for the 2424 vacuum former model to our easy connect system. Now you can plug your HD 2424 vacuum former press into this pump right out of the box with no setup required.

Voltage: 110 Volts, 60 Hz
Free Air Displacement: 3 CFM (Cubic ft/min)
Ultimate Vacuum: 29.9 InHG
Number of Stages: One
Motor: 1/4 HP
Intake Ports: Easy Connect 1/2" OD Tubing (converted from 1/4" flare)
Oil Capacity: 8.5oz (not prefilled)
Power Cord Length: 6ft
Dimensions: 12.5" x 5" x 9.25"
Weight: 18lbs

Q: Will it work on 230V 50Hz? 

A: No, this is not natively compatible with that voltage. The voltage of this pump is 115 Volts, 60 Hz. You would need a voltage converter/adapter to add between the pump and your wall outlet. 


Q: What filters does this pump need for working inside?

A: You can see our solution to this here. Some of our customers have made an enclosure that vents outside as well.


•  Converted to easy connect

•  Check valve inline

•  Single-stage rotary vane design

•  3 CFM rating for fast evacuation

•  Built to withstand rugged everyday use

3CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump Easy Connect Converted
3CFM Rotary Vane Oil Filled Single Stage Vacuum Pump


•  3 CFM Vacuum Pump

•  Easy Connect Fitting

•  Check Valve

•  6ft Power Cord

•  Oil - add before use

•  Original Brass ACME Fittings