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Easy Connect 8 CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump


Need a heavy duty two stage rotary vacuum pump to run multiple HD vacuum formers? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to connect your press to a pump? Do you want a premium vacuum pump for your HD vacuum press?

With this pump you can run a single or multiple presses. It's ideal for use with the automated vacuum control system as well. This robust 8 CFM vacuum pump is converted to the easy connect system. All you have to do is plug your vacuum former press or automated vacuum control system into this pump and you can start creating in minutes. 

Voltage: 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Free Air Displacement: 8 CFM (Cubic ft/min)
Ultimate Vacuum: 29.9 InHG
Number of Stages: Two
Motor: 1 HP
Intake Ports: Easy Connect 1/2" OD Tubing (converted from 1/4" flare)
Oil Capacity: 18.6oz (not prefilled)
Power Cord Length: 6ft
Dimensions: 15.55”H x 5.71”W x 10.24”L
Weight: 37.48lbs


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•  Converted to easy connect

•  Check valve inline

•  Two-stage rotary vane design

•  8 CFM rating for fast evacuation

•  Built to withstand rugged everyday use

8CFM Two Stage Oil Filled Vacuum Former Pump
8CFM Rotary Vane Oil Filled Two Stage Vacuum Pump


•  8 CFM Vacuum Pump

•  Easy Connect Fitting

•  Check Valve

•  6ft Power Cord

•  Oil - add before use

•  Original Brass ACME Fittings