HD 3624 Vacuum Former - Pro Kit


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Trying to find a way to get a professional vacuum forming system for large production needs? Searching for a way to streamline production? Are you tired of trying to piece together the solution? You’ve found the easy button!

Now you can get the professional setup you’ve always wanted, ready to go right out of the box. This kit includes all the necessary parts for optimal vacuum forming production. It’s easy to setup, a breeze to operate and will improve quality, saving you time and money.


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John S.
United States United States
Great product

Well packed and well made. Shipping time was awesome given all the delays everyone else is having right now. Unit was missing one small magnet but no big deal. Highly recommend this company and it’s products. Tactical Airsoft Windsor, CT.

Teofil G.
United States United States
So far - So good

Quailty of construction and materials is # 1 , Ease of use is # 1 , Amazing Fast delivery Well pleased with Victor’s answering ALL my questions.

United States United States
Exceeded my expectations!

After much research and reading reviews and watching videos.....I finally ordered the larger Pro Kit and absolutely love the quality and customer service. This is one of my favorite tools in the shop now. THANK YOU !

United States
Awesome great fantastic

Works great quick and easy and installation was so easy even a caveman could do it I am truly impressed with the product and I will only purchase HD industry products from now on thank y’all for a great product

Q: I am looking for a vacuum former to make scale airplanes models, would this machine work for me? How does this machine heat up the material to be formed?

A: Our vacuum presses do not have built in heaters. You have to heat your material externally and then transfer it to the press to be molded. There are many different ways to heat materials depending on the type and thickness. Heat press, flash dryer, oven, toaster oven, etc.

Q: My HD Press won't hold vacuum when I close the valve. How can I troubleshoot and fix this?

A: Check the membrane for dirt and clean it with a damp sponge. A dirty membrane can effect the seal. Check for holes in your silicone membrane. If you have formed anything with sharp edges that were not properly covered the silicone membrane can be punctured. Take the heat sink off the press, wet your thumb and place it over the port and pull a vacuum. This will narrow down where the leak is. If the vacuum holds with your thumb over the port, then you can rule out the plumbing. If it doesn't, then the leak will be somewhere between the port and your pump. Check all the plumbing connections to make sure they are securely seating in the fitting. If you can't find the source after this, please contact us for help.


Q: How much vacuum is required to form kydex? 

A: Most of the time all you will need for Kydex to form for knife shealths and gun holsters is around 27inHG.


Q: Will this work for leather holster forming?

A: Yes. Many of our users are doing leather holster forming with the HD Press.

Vacuum Former Desktop Professional Kit


•  Plug and play ready to go out of the box

•  Pre-Converted Vacuum Pump

•  Extra Membranes

•  Extra Tubing

•  19.125” x 31.125” work area

•  Quick change membrane

•  Customizable heat sink

•  Maintenance free

•  Rugged design

•  Gasket free

•  Made in the USA


•   HD Press 3624

•   8 CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump with check valve

•   2 Extra - High Temp Heavy Duty Membrane

•   Neodymium Magnets (+ 5 extras)

•   Heatsink board 

•   Premium Quality Liquid Filled Vacuum Gauge

•   ON-OFF Valve

•   Vacuum Release Vent

•   1/2” Easy Connect NPT Elbow

•   3/8” Easy Connect NPT Elbow

•   2 - 1/2" Easy Connect Elbows

•   6ft Extra Tubing

Vacuum Forming Machines 8CFM Pump Kit