HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press


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Are you searching for the right tool to make your products? Do you need an easy to use vacuum former so you can simplify production, increase speed and quality and have a profitable growing business?

Stop struggling with the wrong tools, we’ve got the solution for you! With a plug and play design, the HD 2424 vacuum press can be setup in minutes. You’ll be quickly producing high quality products in no time. 

  • Magnet lock system 
  • Vacuum release vent
  • Highly durable ABS plastic
  • Vacuum - Up to 30 InHG.
  • 2" liquid filled vacuum gauge
  • Vacuum Forming Work Area - 19.125” x 19.125”
  • Footprint (lid open) - 24"W x 26"D x 30"H
  • 90 day warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Tommy D.
United States United States
Worth Every Penny!

Best money ever spent! I do custom leather work and when molding leather by hand, my hands take a beating every time which isn’t good. This was ready to use right out of the box. Just hook up one air line to your vacuum pump, and you’re ready to go to work!

HD Industrial Design  HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press Review
United States United States
Beats foam any day

I had been using a flat press and vertical press for different applications and forming requirements. In no way does foam even come close to the performance of this vacuum former. I have tried different types of foam, different techniques and they are still sub-par in comparison to the crisp forms achieved with the HD former. While I still use foam in the former at times, the quality of the finished item is 100% better. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Steve P.
United States United States
Very Impressed

The vacuum press is working amazing. I haven’t had any issues currently. The fittings sent did not work for my Robinair vacuum pump but that is ok.

United States
HD 2424 Vacuum Former

The HD 2424 Vacuum Former and the HD curved jig has made life 100x easier for me. My holsters come out perfect. I use to have to use my heat gun after i pulled them out of my foam press to do a lot of touch up work and to make the fit just right so that the holster wasnt to tight or not tight enough, but not any more. Also the definition is much nicer with the vacuum former than it was with my foam press. I would highly recommend this vacuum former to anyone thinking about getting into making holsters.

HD Industrial Design  HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press ReviewHD Industrial Design  HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press ReviewHD Industrial Design  HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press Review
United States

I’ve had issues with other vacuum formers in the past. This press was ready to go out of the box. Just had to attach the membrane which is a breeze and literally plug in the pump. Worth the price!

Justin O.
United States
Awesome product

Customer service went above and beyond my expectations and the press is quality! Would buy again but after looking at the build quality I don't think I will ever need to!

William M.
United States
Love it

Had a small issue with cracked magnets, but HDID replaced them free and quick. Great VF setup.

William G.
United States United States
HD Vacuum Press

All I can say is Awesome...... I am doing things with this press that I did not think I could do. Victor is also very awesome took my calls and answered all of my questions. You can’t go wrong with this press..

William G.
United States
HD Vacuum Press

All I can say is Awesome...... I am doing things with this press that I did not think I could do. Victor is also very awesome took my calls and answered all of my questions. You can’t go wrong with this press..

HD Industrial Design  HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press Review
Cory W.
United States

I purchased the HD Industrial Design vacuum former to improve the overall quality of my knife sheaths over using a foam press. The detail provided by the vacuum former is outstanding. Set up was pretty much a breeze, its plug and play, it took about 30 minutes to hook up. I had to work out getting my heat sink drilled to allow the membrane to form to the item being pressed, but it only took another 30 minutes to drill a bunch of 1/16th inch holes in a grid pattern. From unboxing to forming my first test item was about an hour. The press itself is very well made. Fit and finish is very nice. Customer service was outstanding and quick. The company is responsive to emails and very helpful. The free shipping is nice, but If I would have known it was going to take a week to get here, I would have paid for shipping instead. And that's not a negative. Just an observation. It still gets 5 stars.

Andrew F.
United States
HD Press 2424 is Awesome.

The HD Vacuum Former Press has allowed me to make my Kydex holster making to the next level. The definition In my holsters are amazing and the turn around time on my products has decreased significantly. I would recommend this product to anyone.

HD Industrial Design  HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press Review
Robert C.
United States
Good pice of equipment

The actual press is great. The connection tubing to the vacuum pump could be longer. The previous press I was using the heat sink had a pice of rope to evacuate the air around the item being molded. This would be a good feature to incorporate

Ian S.
United States

Got it quick. Easiest setup ever. And it works better than I could ever have imagined!

Eric B.
United States
HD vacuum Press

I like the press, but i has been losing pressure ever since i started using it. not sure if it's because the parts are cheap or because i didn't set up right. I don't like the valve which controls the air flow. it feels flimsy!!!

Engelbert J.
Excellent product and awesome customer

Excellent product and awesome customer service, thanks! Engel from Joson's Kydex.

Shane G.
Amazing press. No issues at

Amazing press. No issues at all. Makes a great mold. Professional quality.

Jared C.
Overall it is a great

Overall it is a great press, the only complaint I have is the on/off valve for the vacuum line is very stiff and is not easy to grab onto. A lever or even a button would have been a lot better.

HD Industrial Design

Thanks for the feedback! We looked at a lot of different options for the valve, and found that this was the most durable over extended use and is easily replaceable if it fails. It should loosen up a bit over time.

Osvaldo S.
Awesome prodcct.

Awesome prodcct.

Q: What else do I need to buy to get started?

A: All neccesary fittings and tubing are included with each press. All you will need to purchase separately is a Vacuum Pump. If you plan to plumb directly to your vacuum pump we recommend adding a Check Valve to prolong the life of your pump. The Automated Vacuum Control System includes one in the kit. We also recommend getting an Extra Membrane for a backup.


Q: What CFM vacuum pump do I need to operate the HD Press?

A: All HD Vacuum Presses will work with any 3-CFM pump. We recommend the following pumps. Based on what you are pressing you will have to decide which will work best for you. 8-CFM Two-Stage Vacuum Pump. 5-CFM Two-Stage Vacuum Pump. 3 CFM Single Stage Pump. Be sure to check out our Automated Vacuum Control System for a fully automated streamlined solution.


Q: My HD Press won't hold vacuum when I close the valve. How can I troubleshoot and fix this?

A: Check the membrane for dirt and clean it with a damp sponge. A dirty membrane can effect the seal. Check for holes in your silicone membrane. If you have formed anything with sharp edges that were not properly covered the silicone membrane can be punctured. Take the heat sink off the press, wet your thumb and place it over the port and pull a vacuum. This will narrow down where the leak is. If the vacuum holds with your thumb over the port, then you can rule out the plumbing. If it doesn't, then the leak will be somewhere between the port and your pump. Check all the plumbing connections to make sure they are securely seating in the fitting. If you can't find the source after this, please contact us for help.


Q: How much vacuum is required to form kydex? 

A: Most of the time all you will need for Kydex to form for knife shealths and gun holsters is around 27inHG.


Q: Will this work for leather holster forming?

A: Yes. Many of our users are doing leather holster forming with the HD Press.


Q: The vacuum pump fitting doesn't match the easy connect NPT parts supplied. How do I make it work?

A: You will have to remove the flared fitting that your vacuum pump comes with standard and replace it with the 1/2" or 3/8" easy connect fitting supplied with your press depending on model. Most vacuum pumps are ACME threaded which is a little different than NPT. Once you remove the standard fitting it will rethread to work with the NPT included. Watch this video on how to do that - HD Easy Connect Pump to Press Changing Fittings

Q: I am looking for a vacuum former to make scale airplanes models, would this machine work for me? How does this machine heat up the material to be formed?

A: Our vacuum presses do not have built in heaters. You have to heat your material externally and then transfer it to the press to be molded. There are many different ways to heat materials depending on the type and thickness. Heat press, flash dryer, oven, toaster oven, etc.

Q: Do you recommend the Robinair 15310 for this press or is a larger compressor required?

A: Any 3CFM or higher pump will work. The 15310 is a great pump and works well with both sizes and particularly the 2424 model. Take a look at this blog post on choosing a vacuum pump - vacuum pump selection

HD 2424 Vacuum Former Press


•  Easy connect - plug and play

•  19.125” x 19.125” work area

•  Quick change membrane

•  Customizable heat sink

•  Maintenance free

•  Rugged design

•  Gasket free

•  Made in the USA


•   HD Press 2424

•   High Temp Heavy Duty Membrane

•   Neodymium Magnets (+ 5 extras)

•   Heatsink board 

•   Premium Quality Liquid Filled Vacuum Gauge

•   ON-OFF Valve

•   Vacuum Release Vent

•   1/2” Easy Connect NPT Elbow

•   3/8” Easy Connect NPT Elbow

•   3ft Tubing

Plug and Play Vacuum Forming Machine