Heavy Duty High-Temp Membrane - By Linear Foot


High-Temp Heavy Duty Silicone Membrane for use with vacuum press.  Excellent for thermoformable plastic pressing. 

By the Linear Foot (48" wide) - select the number of feet you would like by the linear foot as the quantity. We will cut it as a single sheet up to 50 feet in length.

Please note: if you have an HD 200 press with plexiglass footing or the HD 100 press you will need to order membrane sold by the foot and cut it to fit. We no longer sell precut membrane for that size. (This is only applies to a small number of our first vacuum presses from 2014).

Q: Is a quantity of 1 a sheet of 12" x 48"?

A: Yes. It is also cut to size, so if you order QTY 10, you will get a 10' x 48" roll.


Q: How thick is the silicone membrane?

A: Our silicone is approximately 1/32" thick.


Q: What is the temperature rating?

A: It is rated over 400 degrees.


Q: Would I be able to use it in my heat press over my kydex?

A: It is rated over 400 degrees and should be fine for use on your heat press with kydex.


Q: Can I use a larger membrane than what comes with my HD Vacuum Press?

A: HD vacuum press membranes are not interchangeable between different models. HD Presses are only designed to function correctly with the size membrane made for that specific HD vacuum press model. Using a larger/looser membrane than intended will result in a bad vacuum seal, broken magnets and can potentially damage your press. We recommend selecting a larger HD Vacuum Press if you are running into issues with the size of your workspace or reaching the limits of the membrane. You may also need to revisit how you are forming to see if you can reduce any excess height of your molds.


Q: Does the temperature of the work area affect the membrane? Let's say if my work space is cold but heated up during times of production, would the membrane wear out faster if it's not always warm or would it be more susceptible to tearing?

A: Temperature shouldn't effect performance...unless you are operating in sub zero conditions, this shouldn't factor in to the longevity and pliability of your membrane.