Heavy Duty High-Temp Membrane - HD 2424 Size


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High-Temp Heavy Duty Silicone Membrane cut to size and shape for use with HD model 2424 vacuum press.  High definition silicone. Excellent for thermoformable plastic pressing.

  • Size - 24" x 24"
  • Cut to size and shape for HD model 2424 vacuum former

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Great Item

I have used these for some time - hold up well - long life

Steven c.
United States United States
Great Product

All of HD’s products are on point!

Mitchell K.
United States United States
Replacement Membrane

I ordered a kit and one of the membrane was damage so I called them up and they sent out a new one fast. These guys are fast friendly and professional I would recommend them and will be shopping with them for my needs from now on.

United States United States
I think I'm going to need better vacuum pump.

I think I'm going to need better vacuum pump. I'm testing out different Fabrics to try to make a vacuumform face mask in a cup shape I'm having trouble finding a fabric that can be vacuum formed and hold its shape so now I'm going to try to use styrene and use it as a framed or a filter

christopher m.
United States United States
Awesome vacuum retention

This membrane had awesome vacuum retention. I would like to see more pliable properties from the membrane though.

Tommy D.
United States United States
Worth Every Penny!

Best money ever spent! I do custom leather work and when molding leather by hand, my hands take a beating every time which isn’t good. This was ready to use right out of the box. Just hook up one air line to your vacuum pump, and you’re ready to go to work!

United States

Thanks for the VERY FAST SHIPPING and SERVICE!!!!

Charles H.
United States
Works as advertised

For the price it is by far the best choice. I scowered the internets for the best deal based on surface area, thickness, heat resistance, price and availability including ease of use of the website. This sorted out top of all criteria.

Robert C.
United States
A bit pricey

I think it was a bit.over priced.but I needed one that.would fit my machine after having a year in the original one.

Curtis S.
United States
Great product.

I’m in the process of making and finishing several knives, have not used the membrane. I have seen the in use on YouTube and know this product will work great. Thank you Curtis.

United States
Everything in one.

The replacement membrane I ordered has worked as it should. Watch very carefully for anything that may even remotely looks sharp. That’s what cost us the first membrane. The vacuum press I ordered has been wonderful! I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things. The automated control.... well, that’s been the only disappointment. It really hasn’t done anything for us at all. I still have to manually switch the pump on and off and watch my pressures as they bleed off relatively quick. HD has been a great company to work with and fast shipping as well. If it weren’t for the cool looking automated paperweight, would have been 5 stars all day.

United States

Use this for a DIY former I created on my own. Works great!

Shane G.
Amazing press. No issues at

Amazing press. No issues at all. Makes a great mold. Professional quality.

Q: How thick is the silicone membrane?

A: Our silicone is approximately 1/32" thick.


Q: What is the temperature rating?

A: It is rated over 400 degrees.


Q: Would I be able to use it in my heat press over my kydex?

A: It is rated over 400 degrees and should be fine for use on your heat press with kydex.


Q: Can I use a larger membrane than what comes with my HD Vacuum Press?

A: HD vacuum press membranes are not interchangeable between different models. HD Presses are only designed to function correctly with the size membrane made for that specific HD vacuum press model. Using a larger/looser membrane than intended will result in a bad vacuum seal, broken magnets and can potentially damage your press. We recommend selecting a larger HD Vacuum Press if you are running into issues with the size of your workspace or reaching the limits of the membrane. You may also need to revisit how you are forming to see if you can reduce any excess height of your molds.


Q: Does the temperature of the work area affect the membrane? Let's say if my work space is cold but heated up during times of production, would the membrane wear out faster if it's not always warm or would it be more susceptible to tearing?

A: Temperature shouldn't effect performance...unless you are operating in sub zero conditions, this shouldn't factor in to the longevity and pliability of your membrane.